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A few tips for your Mavic Mini

A few tips for your Mavic Mini

The Mavic Min makes the perfect starter drone.  It is a great little drone for creators, hobbyists or enthusiasts.  One of the main selling points of this drone is that its only 249grams in weight.

Here are  few tips for the Mavic Mini…

1.  Check your DJI Fly App to see if the place you are visiting is in a no-fly zone or not.  Really important.

2.  Make sure everything is fully charged.

3. Buy the Fly More Combo - It will give you 3 batteries instead of one and a brilliant little charging case.  With those 3 batteries, your flight time increases from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, which is something you will definitely appreciate when it is time for you to fly, trust me.  It really is great value.

4.  Keep up to date with the firmware; drone, controller and batteries.  As soon as you get prompted to do it, then do it.  You don’t want to run into any problems.  If you have more than one battery then you need to do it for each one.

5.  Master your controls - Be comfortable with flying it around as the Mavic Mini doesn’t have a lot of sensors to keep you safe from trees, powerlines etc - So make sure you fine tune your controls.

6.  Don’t just turn on your drone and fly away, check your GPS first.

7.  Set Return To Home Altitude Before Flying – However, there is one situation where you should not be using the Return To Home feature and that is when there is a strong wind.

8.  Plan out your shots - Make sure you know where you are going and check restricted airspace.  Have an idea of what shots you are going to take before you set off, it will save you time, storage and too much footage to go through.

8.  We recommend slowing down to get some lovely smooth footage, don’t be tempted to go too fast.

9.  Use a cage if you bought the Fly More bundle

10.  Stay close - Not too much range, never outside 500m - in fact very much less because of its size - so keep visual line of sight.

11.  Look straight down, you can get some amazing pictures like that.

12. If your drone is already flying far from you and your battery is at 50%, maybe it is a great idea to start flying your drone back to prevent it from exhausting its battery before landing.

We have the Mavic Mini and Mavic Mini Fly More Combo currently in stock.  See links below...



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