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About us

We know everyone’s talking about drones being futuristic gadgets, unsure of their usefulness beyond a bit of fun, but we know we are here for the long haul. The drone industry is just beginning and it’s going to be GREAT!

We know that your kids will be saying ‘remember that classic Mavic Dad used to fly? I think I’ve still got it in the attic somewhere...’ They’ll be watching old footage of family hikes and days at the beach saying ‘look how 2D that picture looks!’ Those memories of grabbing life by the horns, getting out there for adventures with family and friends are what we live for.

At Flyby Drones, we are experts in everything drone related. We are the top professional drone pilot training provider in the UK and get involved in the design and build of drones, drone legislation and act as the go-to-people for Corporations integrating drones in to their businesses.

We want to make sure you buy the right drone for you, so we only stock drones that we approve of and we clearly show them as a pro choice or a drone for fun (or sometimes both!). If you have any queries about which drone is right for you, give us a call and we can talk through your requirements.

You’re innovative, latest drone model will be delivered to you with impeccable service and you’ll know you’ve got a great deal. We are here to do everything to make the buying experience as special as the flying experience. We’re also here to educate. We believe in you as a responsible drone pilot and are here to help you in any way we can to understand important rules and regulations that will keep you and those around you safe.

That's why we offer a range of World Class online Drone Training Courses and Flight Skills Training Days. We've got over 40 years experience in training pilots and our instructors are some of the best ex-military, pilot instructors in the World. Choose to train with us and you'll be in good hands! You can find out more about us at

Whether it’s on our online shop providing you with a simple, elegant range of the best drones, at one of our quality training courses teaching you the ropes, or through our social media pages keeping you up to date with drone regulations, the team look forward to welcoming you to our family.

We strive to listen and understand your needs and continue to learn from you as our customer. We continually work to improve our services for you. With a culture of living life to the full, leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping everyone safe, we stand apart as an integral part of the future of the drone industry.

Welcome to Flyby!