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Top Tips for the Mini 2

1.  Don't fly in the wind! - The Mini 2 is tiny in size and weight and although that does have it's benefits, it's certainly not one in the wind. If there is a strong wind then it can knock the Mini 2 completely off course and it will not return to its original flight path. Always fly into the wind too so that you will have a tailwind on the way back as your battery runs down.

2.  Make sure you have your memory card - The Mini 2 does not have internal storage so make sure you pop it in before you fly!

3.  Be very aware of wind speed and direction.  23.5 miles per hour is the absolute fastest wind resistance DJI says this drone has. That being said, we wouldn't recommend you fly in any gusts over 10, maybe 12 if you really need to get the shot. Even in those conditions, you need to be really careful.

4. Try out the digital zoom function - You can zoom in on your shots for greater detail!

5. Make yourself familiar with the find my drone function, quite useful for beginners!

6. Don't take off until the GPS indicator shows green.

7. Flight Recorder - You can look over exactly where you have flown.  And it also shows you exactly how you have flown so you can go over and review your flight skills!

8. Always fly with a full battery.

9. Practice flying outdoors in a wide open location that's free of all obstacles. Don't attempt to fly inside your house or in other confined locations.

10. Check the orientation of the drone symbol on the map and make sure it matches the orientation of your drone before you take off.

That's our top tips for the Mini 2. Fly Safely!

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